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The Philadelphia Papers is a series of long-form essays devoted to illuminating the foreign policy and national security issues of the day.  With expert analysis from FPRI’s global network of scholars, the Philadelphia Papers will seek to bring the best of scholarship to bear on issues of policy import.

The Inseparable Twins: Diaspora Shishan and Chechen Muwaḥḥidun & Jihadis in al-Sham

Introduction Ethnic Chechens play a critical if underappreciated role in the conflict now raging in al-Sham. They include the descendants of late 19th century Diaspora Shishan — the Arabic transliteration of “Chechens” — long settled in the region; and...

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The Gulf Cooperation Council’s Unified Military Command

INTRODUCTION The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which brings together the countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, took an unprecedented step during its 34th Summit (held in Kuwait City on December 10-11 2013)...

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The Perfect Storm Ahead? An Exploration of the Risk of Nuclear Terrorism

“Today, the elements of a perfect storm are in place around the world:  an ample supply of weapons-usable nuclear materials, an expansion of the technical know-how to build a crude nuclear bomb, and the determination of terrorists to do...

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William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, and the American Founding: The Philadelphia Factor

. . . Given all these contingencies it would appear that the birth of a United States of America was a fluke. And yet the historical narrative also suggests that what made that glorious fluke possible was the location,...

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Discriminate Power: A Strategy for a Sustainable National Security Posture

This study began with the proposition that U.S. national security policy faces a looming means-ends gap with interlocking financial, political and strategic elements.  Left on its current trajectory, our posture will be unaffordable, misaligned to emerging challenges, and increasingly...

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21st Century Cultures of War: Advantage Them

Introduction In the inaugural launch of the FPRI’s new e-publication, The Philadelphia Papers, the anthropologist Anna Simons of the Defense Analysis department at the Naval Postgraduate School, and member of the Orbis Board of Editors, provocatively assesses cultures of war in...

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