About FPRI’s Middle East Program

Despite the clamor for America’s foreign policy to pivot away from the Middle East, events in the region over the past two decades have demanded sustained American attention. The challenges at hand are many, including Iran’s regional destabilizing ambitions, the rise and fall of ISIS’s Caliphate and enduring threat of jihadi terrorism, the ostensible collapse of the old state order in the Greater Middle East, and numerous ever-entrenched conflicts between, inter alia, Sunnis and Shi‘is, Kurds and Arab, Israelis and Palestinians, and even among Syrians themselves.

FPRI’s Middle East Program is uniquely positioned to provide the kind of strategic thinking and thoughtful analysis required to address the perennial foreign policy challenges that this fraught region poses for American policymakers. The program brings together both established and emerging scholars from the academic, military, and policy worlds in an effort to develop a new cadre of strategic policy thinkers, versed in the languages, geography, history, culture, and politics of the region. The Middle East Program offers context, content, and policy recommendations based on this holistic view of American strategic interests in the region. Its analysis transcends headlines and catch phrases. Through its research, publications, and educational outreach, the program focuses on key themes such as authoritarianism and reform; the aftermath of the Arab Uprisings; radicalism and regional threats; sectarian divisions; and the Arab-Israeli conflict and peace efforts.

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The Middle East Program was founded with a generous lead gift from FPRI Trustee Robert A. Fox. Over the years, a growing number of donors have enabled the Program to greatly expand its reach and impact.

If you value non-partisan, sound analysis on a region vital to America’s foreign policy interests, support our work by contacting Eli Gilman, Director of Administration and Development, at egilman@fpri.org or (215)732-3774 x 103.