Abdiaziz Maahaay

Abdiaziz Maahaay (“Abdi”) is well-known throughout Somalia and the world-wide Somali diaspora for his more than two decades-long efforts of providing comprehensive health care services throughout Somalia to people of the least resources and making possible surgical operations for hundreds upon hundreds of Somali people suffering from birth defects and other physical deformities – – such as, conjoined twins, bladder exstrophy (exposed bladders), hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), tumors, blindness, fistula, and child rape victims. Of these surgeries, 620 were performed in Mogadishu; 120 in Nairobi, Kenya; 20 in India; 3 in Pakistan; 2 in the Philippines; 1 in Kiev, Ukraine and 6 of the cases requiring the world’s most advanced surgical technologies and skills such as separating conjoined twins were performed in the United States of America. All aspects of these surgeries (including all logistics) were handled free of any charge to the patients and their families. Abdi has raised and donated to Somalia millions of dollars to combat droughts and famine. He has helped build libraries in Somalia and established collaborative university education between Banadir University and the University of Minnesota (USA). Abdi is the C.E.O. and President of Somali American Health Care Foundation. He is married and has four children.

Abdi received a degree in public health from the University of Minnesota and he is completing his Clinical Psychology in Capella University He is also the former president and CEO of the Somali American Healthcare Foundation. Abdi was given awards such as “Person of the Year 2007” by Hiran Online. He put his wisdom and strength into helping the poor, and the development of the Somali community. He has been interviewed CNN, Aljazeera, Local TV in Rochester Minnesota.