Google Kim Jong Un

– Students will research Kim Jong Un and North Korea.
– Students will demonstrate an understanding of satire by creating a Farcebook page for Kim Jong Un.

– Teacher should discuss topic of satire by allowing students to analyze political cartoons as a group or by playing the Gangam Style satire of Kim Jong Un:
– Teacher should distribute the Farcebook page for Kim Jong Il to students. Pick one item to do as a class and record suggestions for reference.
– Provide students with research opportunities in the form of internet access or a current biography of Kim Jong Un.
– After students complete their profiles, they should be displayed. Give each student a post-it note. Students must pick a favorite profile by voting with their post-it and providing a specific reason why their choice is worthy.
– Share the top choices with the class and discuss which answers best represent satire.
– Alternatively, students can view each other’s work without voting, and the teacher can select a few samples to review with the class.

– The level of difficulty can be increased by requiring a certain number of answers based on satire or by requiring students to work alone.
– The level of difficulty can be decreased by completing some of the sections as a class or allowing students to work in pairs.

Kim Jong Un BBC biography:

**North Korea: Beyond the Headlines –

  • Nicole Vickerman
  • Clark High School
Related History Institute
Grade Level
  • High School: 9, 10, 11, 12
Time Frame
  • 45 minutes

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