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Fox Fellow Clint Watts Quoted by NBC News on Russian Interest in Jill Stein

NBC News

Clint Watts, an NBC News analyst who has been tracking Russian election interference at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, said that Russia’s intelligence agencies “sought to play both sides of the political spectrum to elevate Trump and turn down turnout for Clinton.”

Added Watts, “On the left politically, they sought to dissuade Bernie Sanders voters from turning out to the polls and increase turnout for Stein.”

Stein does seem to have played a role in denying the presidency to the Kremlin’s least favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia and an NBC News analyst, said that Stein “most certainly influenced the outcome of [the 2016] election, given the outcome was decided in three states and by 78,000 voters.”

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