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What Does the “Day After” look like for Syria?

While the conflict in Syria shows no sign of abating, scholars and policymakers alike are trying to make projections for ...

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Life After the Caliphate

Although most of ISIS’s territory has been wrested from its control, the threat posed by this terrorist organization and by ...

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Assessing Trump’s Trip to Asia

President Donald Trump recently completed a 12-day trip to Asia, with stops in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the ...

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Europe’s Voters Have Spoken…But What Did They Say?

The German elections on 24 September marked the end of a year and a half of major elections and referenda ...

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The “Deep State” of Intelligence?

In this episode of FPRI Radio, host Michael Noonan is joined in conversation with FPRI Senior Fellow Nada Bakos to ...

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Violence, Non-State Actors, and Turmoil in the Middle East

From the breakdown of states to the exploitation of the ensuing power vacuum by violent non-state actors, there are numerous ...

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Venezuela in Crisis

As President Nicolás Maduro relies on increasingly repressive means to preserve the regime he inherited from the late Hugo Chávez, ...

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France Votes, the World Watches

French voters go to the polls on April 23 in the first round of a presidential election that may upend ...

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Online Nationalism in China

Popular opinion in Chinese cyberspace—the postings of China’s “netizens”—are often ardently nationalist.  Are nationalist voices online representative of broader public ...

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A Bull in the China Shop? Asia Policy in the Age of Trump

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