Tally Helfont


Research Areas:

US Policy toward Middle East, Regional balance of power, the Levant and Gulf Cooperation Council

Tally Helfont was the Director of FPRI’s Program on the Middle East (2011-2018) as well as the Project Lead for its After the Caliphate Project. Her research focuses on regional balance of power, Jordan and the Gulf States, and U.S. policy therein.  She is also a Contributing Analyst for Wikistrat’s Middle East Desk, a crowd-sourcing consultancy. Ms. Helfont has instructed training courses in Civil Information Management to U.S. Military Civil Affairs Units and Human Terrain Teams assigned to Iraq and Afghanistan. A frequent commentator in the media, her writings have appeared in English, Hebrew, and Arabic in publications such as Orbis (US), The American Interest (US), INSS Insight (IL), Raisina Files (IN), al-Mesbar (UAE), and al Majalla (UK/KSA). She holds an M.A. in Middle East Studies from Tel Aviv University, and is proficient at various levels in Hebrew, Arabic, and French. You can follow her @TallyHelfont on Twitter.



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