Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts 60th Anniversary Collections

60th Anniversary Collections

In honor of FPRI’s 60th anniversary, each of its research programs produced an edited volume meant to provide the reader with a taste of the quality analysis we produced on a diverse array of topics over the past decade. They will be published periodically over the course of this historic year.

The Best of FPRI’s Essays on Asia, 2005-2015

In the sixty years since the founding of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, no region of the world has undergone greater transformation or posed more varied and complex challenges for the foreign policy of the United States than has...

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The Best of FPRI’s Essays on National Security, 2005-2015

Matters of national security have concerned the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) ever since its founding in 1955. They are especially concerning during times of war—as the United States has been every day since September 11, 2001. But today’s...

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The Best of FPRI’s Essays on America and the West, 1993-2015

From its founding in 1955, the Foreign Policy Research Institute has always been deeply interested in the relationship between the United States of America and Europe, the two main constituent parts of the cultural, political, and historical community of...

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The Best of FPRI’s Essays on Democratic Transitions

We launched the Project on Democratic Transitions a decade ago in reaction to the fifteen years of dramatic change that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall. The communist dictatorships of Europe and Eurasia had crumbled and been followed...

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The Best of FPRI’s Essays on the Middle East, 2005-2015

he Middle East - a region as complex and fraught with challenges as ever - continues to hold U.S. policymakers in its thrall. Though they may want to pivot elsewhere, the Middle East keeps pulling them back because the...

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