Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts What to Read by FPRI on Iraq, Syria, and ISIS
What to Read by FPRI on Iraq, Syria, and ISIS

What to Read by FPRI on Iraq, Syria, and ISIS

What to Read by FPRI on Iraq, Syria, and ISIS

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With the assault on Mosul already underway, and another on Raqqa reportedly in the offing, the fight to liberate territory taken by the Islamic State and to weaken the group more generally is steadily progressing. However, there is little cause to celebrate just yet. In his most recent piece “Putting the Battle for Mosul in Context,” Robert A. Fox Fellow Samuel Helfont argues that “the crisis in Iraq is not going to disappear after the liberation of Mosul for as long as the political and military conflicts in Iraq remain unresolved, Iraq will continue to be a source for terrorism and mass migration.” 

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