Barak Mendelsohn


Senior Fellow - Program on National Security

Senior Fellow - Program on the Middle East

Barak Mendelsohn – an FPRI Senior Fellow – is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Haverford College. He is author of The al-Qaeda Franchise: The Expansion of al-Qaeda and Its Consequences (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2016) and Combating Jihadism: American Hegemony and International Cooperation in the War on Terrorism (University of Chicago Press, 2009). He served in the Israeli army for five years and received his Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University. He specializes in radical Islamist organizations, with an emphasis on al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. His research interests also cover Middle East security, terrorism and counter-terrorism, U.S. foreign policy, and questions of international order.
Dr. Barak Mendelsohn
Department of Political Science
Haverford College
Hall 8, 370 Lancaster Avenue
Haverford, PA 19041

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