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The Stability of Jordan

  • August 16, 2012
Sean L. Yom

Senior Fellow - Middle East Program

Tally Helfont


Managing Director - Middle East Program

In this edition of FPRI Radio, Tally Helfont, the coordinator of FPRI’s program on the Middle East, interviews Temple University’s Sean Yom about his recent research trip to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Yom discusses the stability of Jordan a year and a half out from the so-called Arab Spring, and, more specifically, the stability of the institution of the monarchy and the staying power of the monarch himself. Yom assesses the likelihood of King Abdullah II carrying out meaningful political reform along the lines being called for in weekly protests and the political prospects of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Action Front party. Sean Yom is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Temple University, whose research broadly focuses on authoritarianism and development. He is now finishing his first book on state-building and political order in the post-colonial Middle East.

Program length: 19 minutes

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