Sean L. Yom

Senior Fellow - Middle East Program

Research Areas:

Middle East, monarchies, authoritarianism, democratization, US foreign policy

Sean L. Yom is a Senior Fellow in the Middle East Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and an Associate Professor of Political Science at Temple University. His research broadly focuses on authoritarian governance, economic development, and US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa. He has been quoted or featured in the BBC News, New York Times, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Voice of America, Time Magazine, and NPR, as well as overseas media like La Razón (Spain), Público (Portugal), Le Figaro (France), and Al-Ghad (Jordan).  His academic work has appeared in Journal of DemocracyMiddle East Journal, Studies in Comparative International Development, Comparative Political Studies, Foreign Policy, and other journals. His books include Resilience to Revolution: How Foreign Interventions Destabilize the Middle East (Columbia University Press, 2016), as well as (as editor and author) The Societies of the Middle East and North Africa: Structures, Vulnerabilities, and Forces (Routledge, 2019) and Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa: Development, Democracy, and Dictatorship (Routledge, 2020). He received his Ph.D. at Harvard.


Dr. Sean L. Yom
Department of Political Science
Temple University
452 Gladfelter Hall
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Philadelphia, PA, 19122