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The Current Situation in Tunisia

Ghazi Ben-Ahmed

Secretary General of Le Club de Tunis -

Tally Helfont

Managing Director - Program on the Middle East

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The Current Situation in Tunisia (Audio)

In this edition of FPRI Radio, Tally Helfont, the coordinator of FPRI’s program on the Middle East, interviews Ghazi Ben Ahmed, Secretary General of Le Club de Tunis, on the current developments in Tunisia – the first country to experience revolution as part of the so-called Arab Spring. Ben Ahmed discusses his perspective on the stability of Tunisia a year and a half out from the Jasmine Revolution and how the country has changed. He also answered questions dealing with why the Arab Spring began in Tunisia rather than elsewhere; what constructive role the U.S. might play in Tunisia; and what prospects for economic development currently exist that may help foster progress and stability in the country.

Mr. Ben Ahmed has previously served as the Lead Trade Expert in the African Development Bank and as a Senior Advisor to the United Nation Agency for Trade and Development. Le Club de Tunis is a Tunisian-based foundation aiming to help policymakers and entrepreneurs devise strategies and development projects for inclusive growth, job creation, regional development, and higher living standards.

Program length: 13 minutes

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