FPRI Radio is a podcast dedicated to topical discussions between members of the FPRI staff and leading experts on current events relating to and affecting world affairs in the diplomatic, informational, military, and economic domains. These conversations generally range from between 15 and 45 minutes in duration.



The “Deep State” of Intelligence?

In this episode of FPRI Radio, host Michael Noonan is joined in conversation with FPRI Senior Fellow Nada Bakos to discuss the U.S. intelligence apparatus, bureaucracy, and the current state of Iraq....

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Violence, Non-State Actors, and Turmoil in the Middle East

From the breakdown of states to the exploitation of the ensuing power vacuum by violent non-state actors, there are numerous pressing issues currently facing the Middle East and North Africa. In this edition of FPRI Radio, host Tally Helfont...

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Venezuela in Crisis

As President Nicolás Maduro relies on increasingly repressive means to preserve the regime he inherited from the late Hugo Chávez, Venezuela has descended into an existential economic, social, and political crisis. In this edition of FPRI Radio, host Ronald...

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France Votes, the World Watches

French voters go to the polls on April 23 in the first round of a presidential election that may upend European politics. Populist nationalist Marine Le Pen hopes to lead her Front National to victory, and faces a scattered...

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Online Nationalism in China

Popular opinion in Chinese cyberspace—the postings of China’s “netizens”—are often ardently nationalist.  Are nationalist voices online representative of broader public opinion in China?  How much does such popular nationalism, in cyberspace or on the streets, influential in China’s foreign...

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A Bull in the China Shop? Asia Policy in the Age of Trump

Reflections of a Female, Muslim Immigrant Who Served Three Republican Presidents

In this edition of FPRI Radio, FPRI President Alan Luxenberg interviews Amb. Shirin Tahir-Kheli on her experience in government at the highest levels of America’s national security establishment, her role in repairing relations between India and Pakistan, and her...

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The Geopolitics of Brexit

On the Brussels Attacks

Law and Geopolitics in the South China Sea Disputes: The Philippines-China Arbitration Case and Issues for U.S. Policy and Regional States’ Interests