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Law and Geopolitics in the South China Sea Disputes: The Philippines-China Arbitration Case and Issues for U.S. Policy and Regional States’ Interests

FPRI Asia Program Director and University of Pennsylvania Professor Jacques deLisle joins panelists Professor Peter Dutton of the U.S. Naval War College and NYU Law School and Professor Yann-huei Song of the Academia Sinica and Soochow University Law School to discuss the issues at stake in the international law of the sea arbitration case brought by the Philippines against China, the broader context of territorial and maritime disputes in the South China Sea, the legal issues and geopolitical interests at stake, the implications for U.S. policy toward China and the region, the implications for Taiwan’s roles and interests, and the prospects for further conflict and management or resolution of tensions in the aftermath of an anticipated late spring or summer decision in the Philippines-China case.

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