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FPRI's David Danelo Writes in the American Interest on the Border Crisis

David Danelo

"The tension in the border 'crisis' hearkens back to geopolitical dilemmas with more enduring roots than can be captured in emotional, media-driven debates. And while there have been consistent flaws in this Administration’s policy tactics, the far more troubling failures involve the absence of strategic common sense, creativity, and, above all, courage."



FPRI's Ed Turzanski Interviewed on Good Day Philadelphia about the Terrorist Attack in Canada

Ed Turzanski"Soldiers and official government sites appear to be the targets of this wave. ISIS has spoke openly about this"

Watch the full video here.


FPRI's Clint Watts Interviewed on ABC World News about the Terrorist Attack in Canada

Clint Watts"The dangerous part of this is, when you see one attack, it tends to prop up several others."

Watch the full video here.


FPRI Sponsored Conference Aired Live on C-Span

On Monday, October 20, FPRI Co-Sponsored a conference with the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. entitled "Does Deocracy Matter." This conference addressed the past 30 years of democracy promotion, and was the product of our Project on Democratic Transitions, which commenced ten years ago.

For more information about the conference, please click here.


FPRI's Lorenzo Vidino in the Telegraph and al Arab on England's Review of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK

Lorenzo Vidino"Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups in each country work according to a common vision – but in complete operational independence, making the Brotherhood an informal global movement. It’s what makes designating the whole movement a terrorist organisation virtually impossible in the UK, as authorities knew from the very beginning.


FPRI's Abdallah Schleiffer in al Arabiya on Egypt's Role in Gaza

Abdallah Schleifer"The only certain thing about last Sunday’s Gaza Reconstruction Conference is that it has acknowledged, on a global basis, not just the legitimacy of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi but also his re-assertion of a great regional role for Egypt since the passing of Gamal Abdel Nasser some 45 years ago."


FPRI's Melinda Haring Named Penn Kemble Democracy Forum Fellow

Melinda HaringMelinda Haring, an Associate Scholar in FPRI's Project on Democratic Transitions has recently been named as a Penn Kemble Democracy Forum Fellow by the National Endowment for Democracy.

Read more about the Fellowship Program.


FPRI's Joseph Braude on the Politics of Jewish-Muslim Relations

Joseph BrauseOn the latest episode of his Arabic language radio show, "Letter from New York," featured on Moraccan Med Radio, Braude addresses the politicization of efforts to promote understanding between Jews and Muslims.

Listen to the full episode here.


FPRI's Jakub Grygiel in the American Interest on Why Le Petit Prince Should Be Required Reading

Jakub Grygiel"The Little Prince...points to a primordial source of political order—friendship—that is ignored by The Prince. Friendship—filos to the ancient Greeks—is foundational of social order. Without it, polities are either fragile or overbearing, yet state policies have little control over friendship, or what we moderns sometimes reduce to social trust or social capital.


FPRI's Jakub Grygiel in the American Interest on our Ability to Deter Russia

Jakub Grygiel"Putin may even think that Russia’s superiority in tactical nuclear weapons can be translated into a victory in the competition with Europe."

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