Why the US doesn’t have a Muslim problem, and Europe does

Author:  Naveed Jamali
April 3, 2016

Why the US doesn’t have a Muslim problem, and Europe does

I’m first generation American, with a Pakistani-born father. My dad and his older brother both left Pakistan at the same time, but that is where their similarities end. My uncle, an engineer working for the German Space Agency, never felt German. His son avoided mandatory German military service and struggled with finding his identity. My father, on the other hand, came to the United States on a Fulbright scholarship, ran a successful business, raised two sons (one of whom joined the United States Navy), and proudly votes in every election be it local, state or federal. The contrast between these two brothers is why Europe has a Muslim problem. It’s not the influx of Muslims; rather, it’s Europe’s inability to welcome and assimilate immigrants. The resulting racial tension creates a perfect recipe for ISIS recruitment among disenfranchised young men. America is doing it right, and we cannot repeat the European model.

Officials believe that over 5,000 Western Europeans have made their way to Syria to support ISIS. However, the actual number is considerably higher according to the Soufan Group, with several European countries contributing a disturbing number of fighters to ISIS: France (1700), Russia (2400), UK (760) and Belgium (470)[1]. For a country like Belgium with only 11 million citizens, having almost 500 citizens join ISIS is a shockingly high number. Furthermore, large pockets of Muslims are concentrated in cities like Brussels where more than a quarter of Belgium’s Muslim population resides. These heavily concentrated Muslim enclaves, according to a 2007 report from the Centre of European Policy Studies, are more likely, than the EU general population, to be poor, segregated and crime-prone neighborhoods[2].  But the question remains, why is this trend of European Muslims joining ISIS happening now?

With the crisis in Syria, Europe has received a massive influx of Muslim refugees. However, with 19 million Muslims in Europe, have the refugee numbers contributed to ISIS’ recruiting efforts? The short answer is no. Of the UN reported 4.2 million Muslim refugees, only 850,000 have fled to Europe. While this is a large number of refugees a large number are women and children, with only 62% being men[3]. The reality is that the Muslim migration started long before the crisis in Syria. In fact it grew as a result of an influx of foreign workers taking advantage of lax guest worker programs after the Second World War. Originally meant to be temporary, these workers became permanent and brought with them waves of descendants. Once settled these immigrants did what first generations immigrants do: they had babies. As a result the Muslim population has been steadily growing, not from immigration but by births. The increase in the number of Muslims is a pattern that is expected to continue through 2030, when they are projected to make up 8% of Europe’s population.  Even though the population has been steadily growing the consistent poverty has contributed to racial tensions between Muslims and Europeans even well before the Paris attacks.

Unlike Europe, the US has a very different track record with Muslim immigrants. According to the Pew Research Center there are 3.3 million (or 1% of the population) Muslims living in the US. Furthermore, in the US Muslims make up 10% of US physicians, are the 2nd most educated group after the Jewish population, are as likely as other American households to report an income of $100,000 or more, and over 6,000 serve in the military[4].  The report found that Muslim Americans are “highly assimilated into American society and . . . largely content with their lives.” Unlike European Muslims the report also found that 80 percent of US Muslims were happy with life in America, and 63 percent said they felt no conflict “between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.”[5] Furthermore, this integration into American culture and society, according to the report, is evident in the rates they participate in various everyday activities such as following local sports teams or watching entertainment TV — all similar to those of the American public generally. Lastly, most telling of their loyalty and sense of inclusion, according to the Pew report, is that half of all Muslim immigrants display the US flag at home, in the office, or on their car.[6] It is this sense of inclusion that in large parts contributes to the fact that only an estimated 250 Americans have joined ISIS – a number far less than the number of Belgium citizens who have gone to Syria and Iraq.

My uncle was one of the immigrants who came to Europe under the guest worker program. Unlike current refugees, neither her nor my father were fleeing war; instead they left to pursue professional careers. My uncle was an educated and a skilled worker who climbed the ranks of German’s fledgling space agency to hold a senior scientist post. While he was professionally successful, his children, who were both born in Germany, struggled. They still feel they are outsiders, not quite German but definitely not Pakistani — a feeling that is repeated as they have children of their own. This experience juxtaposed with that of my father shows a clear difference. Even though I was raised in a predominantly white New York City suburb, I was never considered anything other than American. It is treatment that is extended to my children who, like the subsequent descendants of immigrants, are only aware of the ethnic roots as a distant fact. This is the fundamental difference between European and American Muslims: the ability for American Muslims to assimilate. It is an ability that is key to winning the battle with ISIS, which relies on a steady stream of volunteers. As such, as long as Europe continues to make it difficult for Muslims to integrate and assimilate, ISIS will have a pool of disenfranchised and angry young Europeans from which to recruit.

Naveed Jamali is a Senior Fellow in the Program on National Security at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and an author of How to Catch a Russian Spy: The True Story of an American Civilian Turned Double Agent.


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50 thoughts on “Why the US doesn’t have a Muslim problem, and Europe does”

  1. Dear Naveed,

    Your blog post provides an interesting approach to the process of competing and negotiating identities.

    While there are many things I agree (and disagree) with, I would only like to highlight, what I feel is a glaring shortcoming – comparing ‘Europeans’ to ‘Muslims’. (“Even though the population has been steadily growing the consistent poverty has contributed to racial tensions between Muslims and Europeans even well before the Paris attacks.”)

    Comparing an religious identity to one that finds its routes in the modern nation state, can be likened to comparing apples to oranges. (I feel you want to imply that Europeans, from other religions have ‘assimilate’ better into the larger fabric of the European identity.)

    Just something to consider, of course we can agree to disagree.

    1. Now days every civilized person has one question. Why the Muslims cannot live peacefully either in their own country or in a country they flee. Is it their mentality is the effect of preaching in Mosques. But I say YES. First of all, the problem starts from their childhood. The kids blindly learn cruelty by looking at their elders. No proper education. Finally a grown up looses common sense and blindly follow whatever is told in a Mosque. Most happiest muslims are in some countries but time again they blame the governments which has never differentiate a muslim from others. Most intriguing question is 99% terrorist are Muslim but why. what they want on this earth. Just imagine one day whole world becomes Islamic. And they fight among themselves like anything. We have seen it in Syria, Iraq, Lebenon, Pakisthan, Baloochisthan, Afganisthan, Turkey, Omen and in many African countries. Do not expect them to be peaceful people. But there are muslim in India but we never had friction among communities. May indian environment is healthy i hope. A hindu and a muslim live like brothers in India. But we don not understand the crisis in other countries.

  2. there is also another aspect, that is, in my opinion, that Europe is an old continent with population who have well-established cultures and transitions. This might make them more closed and less welcomed with the “foreigner”. It is, thus, hard for foreigners to integrate in such societies. US is, to the contrary, a new nation and consists of wide range of people of different races, origins, religions and cultures. This makes, in my opinion, US an open society that embraces all. Another aspect is the colonial history of Europe that make Europe look to the people from its old colonies as less.

    1. I agree with this contention ,but immigrants/refugees must have the courage to join into the public life of the new country! deliberately learning & speaking the country language(particularly in public!) Remaining in ghettos of companions only hinders the new life advantages

    2. I’m an American who has lived in Germany for five years,this gives me a wider perspective.The writer of this column is absolutely.I met American Muslims who were much more satisfied with their lives, on the other hand most Muslims feel stuck.
      For example,I knew a German of Turkish background, he told me that he could have a better life back in Turkey, but it would require help from family members. He said Turks who return to Turkey have foreign accents, and aren’t treated like natives. Essentially, they are foreigners in Germany and foreign in Turkey too. He said, that nobody in Turkey understands how much discrimination the Germans commit against foreigners, and how lonely it is to live in their unfriendly society.
      If a Turk tries to emigrate back to Turkey, employers assume you must be a criminal because why would somebody leave a rich country like Germany? Family members and neighbours will think that you are crazy or ungrateful (to the sacrifices his original immigrant parents have made) or socially defective (as if it is your fault for German racism).
      Most people in Turkey are uneducated, they have no idea how disconcerting it is to be a permanent outsider. They all imagine the riches of Europe and imagine themselves getting some of it;this is what has lead the Arab refugees to migrate to Germany recently. Those people discriminate against Shi’ite Muslims or against Sufis or Jews or against homosexuals, but they could never imagine themselves being victims of discrimination. So people come to Europe like fools, not realising that America tolerates foreigners the most. Of course, Trump might have made immigration to the USA more difficult, but those who are already there, they are more Lucky than the European counterparts. Cheers

  3. It seems to me that Europeans are desperately trying to hold onto their Ethnic identities, yet how can one explain the treatment of the secular Jews throughout Europe and in particular, France that continue to be threatened, on the basis of their religion? Something else is in play that goes much deeper and it is long overdue for each member of the EU to focus on strategies for peaceable assimilation for these poor people, who want the same things as the rest of us.

  4. Why are they trying to force Muslims into people’s cultures anyway? If it’s not a good fit then maybe don’t force people to live near each other.. in my experience American Muslims seem upstanding but who knows what’s going on in their head? Maybe slow down a bit before we get too ahead of ourselves… if their countries are in such disrepair then why not develop their own country instead of competing for jobs here? Does a refugee even go through the same citizenship process or are they just shuffled through? That’s disrespectful to the immigration process… I don’t understand why its supposed to be ok to disrespect the country you immigrate to..

    1. No one’s trying to ‘force’ Muslims into anyone’s ‘culture”. The author and his uncle left for personal and professional opportunities. Refugees are fleeing wars WE started 15 yrs ago, many of them helped us fight insurgents and been killed before getting asylum they were promised. We’re responsible for millions of them NOT having countries they would LOVE to stay and work in, but thrown into civil war by us. Since there’s an ocean between us, most go to Europe where a few thousand can tax resources, millions overwhelms them,esp. when jobs are scarce. Those who want to come HERE are ‘extremely vetted’, taking 2 yrs to get visas,even the old, sick, injured, women, children, rape victims. I think author’s point is Muslim immigrants DO respect country they go to, esp. freedom of religion, expression, AND esp. thought, the reasons MOST Americans have come here! Europe may be more ‘unwelcoming’ but I can’t imagine any place being more un-welcoming than we’re being as a country.In small European countries, (just like here) poverty breeds anger, desperation,+ racism. The huge influx must make it much worse. I’d like to know What Naveed thinks about the new administrations policy and if he thinks as many do that the ‘muslim ban’ will breed MUCH more homegrown terrorism here, and be a boon for ISIS!? Thank you

  5. Why Europe have to assimilate? Europe already have different types of religious people, like Hindu,Sikh,Jews,Buddhist etc. Europe never having any problem with them.because they peacefully mixed up with European culture. For them ,nationality comes first, religion afterwards. But problem is Sunni Islam it self. It forbids followers to assimilate with different cultures. This is where problem arise.Sunni Islamist have to leave their extremism if they want to live,earn peacefully anywhere outside the Islamic countries. If you don’t leave your Stone age customes , don’t say those bla bla” Islam is peaceful” because no body gonna listen to you.

    1. Absolutely true: the Muslims are even forbidden by Quran to befriend those who are not muslims. It is Allah’s word. There is no escape out of that.

  6. It is actually very simple..
    You cannot walk to Usa nor take a small boat. It is not about model but about.. Distance..
    Thus your story is totally biased because you do not consider logistics and structural realities.
    Second.. Your praise for usa model is also totally wrong. Usa is the most racist country on the planet..
    The american dream you suggest died as a dream.
    Third.. Europe accepta more migrants than in all of american history
    Fourth.. Usa is a migrant country.. So they should make an example. But unable. They have fallen into some status of being cool.. They have land.. Eurrope is high density..
    Now why is it that europe needs to accept muslims and islam. How arrogant is that…now if the muslim faith is so cool why they do not stay at home and show the world how cool they are… Why they need to come to europe and try to invade..

    I think very simple..they are angry.. Frustrated.

    Now why are they like this… The same country you praise Usa has done nothing in the last 30 years to do their best to make wars there.. So forgive me.. Do not praise Usa.. Praise europe

  7. As a Canadian, married to an American, we notice it’s much the same in both countries. The only problematic areas we notice is when new Muslim immigrants wish to live with other Muslims and eventually clog up, sorry but that’s about it, a few major cities burdening them with the Social Costs and housing required for their growing populations. They then build larger and larger Muslim only populations, and then integration is impossible. Muslims living outside of these areas integrate much better and it’s much easier to welcome and integrate a few families in a town here and there, versus thousands in one area and therein lies the problem Europe is dealing with.

    European countries are much smaller, have long established histories, religions that they’re not willing to change, nor should they, but when you let 1 million Muslims into a country Germany a fraction of the size of an American state or Canadian province, it becomes overwhelming and these immigrants become impatient not understanding or appreciating the magnitude of housing, feeding and supporting so many newcomers.

    The EU was never intended to become like North America, a multicultural mix, at least not to this degree. It’s too much too fast and it’s not working. We expect a wide variety of cultures to mesh together here, but Europe already has a long and hard fought democratic history, steeped in its own culture and language, and Eurpeans aren’t about to give up their heritage to others. This is perhaps the largest obstacle in integration, and it doesn’t help when Muslims push for changes of any kind, especially when seen as either sexist, sex segregation or undemocratic.

    While in the US and Canada Muslims are spread out, there are a couple of cities like Toronto for instance that are being overburdened by the sheer volumes, and each city in turn ends up footing the cost, problems and housing shortages with little relief or understanding on the newcomers part. I suppose much of Europe feels this way.

    Merkel’s open door policy was insane, and if vetting had been in place, only about 15% of the Muslims would have been allowed in, which would have been far more manageable by the EU, and integration could have been far better realized. Why over 500,000 African men, Pakistanis were ever allowed in boggles any sane persons mind. Refugees were the priority, not single males searching for jobs where none exist. Good luck getting rid of them.

    There is however growing resentment over the social costs, healthcare costs and available resources that many Muslims tend not to understand or appreciate. While we are an open welcoming people, guests and newcomers must acknowledge their shared responsibility and work together to solve it or nothing will change. No taxpayer will ever agree to fund foreigners of any kind, Muslim or not, for a lifetime of handouts, this is something the EU and the US haven’t thought to address.

    While most refugees are helped when they enter Canada, they are also expected to find work, repay travel and other costs, they must provide for themselves within a defined timeframe, generally 1-4 years at most. I do believe if a newcomer cannot successfully learn the language, find work, then perhaps relocating them to a country with a similar culture would be far more reasonable an expectation. How else is this to work, wait 20-25 years for the next generations and hope for the best? I don’t think so.

    I realize the EU is struggling, but if nothing does change, it will tear itself apart, and some countries may possibly become bankrupt, and then where will millions of Muslims, and others in need of help, find themselves with little to no social programs or assistance. They need to stop thinking as a foreigner on foreign soil, but adopt the customs of their host country and try to embrace them. It is how successful integration works, both sides must work for it, not one against. This is how past immigration has worked as well.

    No other large influx of immigrants has ever been so resistant to change or integration, and perhap this cultural difference may be the very problem. There must be a willingness to want a better life and embrace the changes to come, but sometimes I think it’s inconceivable to think these two separate cultures can do so successfully, especially en masse.

    While I applaud immigrants with a positive attitude, a willingness to want better, embrace opportunity, I cannot see this current situation with most Muslim immigrants turning out this way, I’m sorry, I don’t. My parents were immigrants and came when welfare wasn’t available, learned the language, started working right away, or they would have starved. This reality check, or harsh reality hasn’t been felt by newcomers in 40+ years, and perhaps it’s time for a wake up call. I will not support anyone unwilling to do so for themselves, I will be patient and help, teach and be inclusive, but I draw the line at any lazy freeloader who’s never paid a dime into anything.

    1. Interesting comments, but from what I understand there are hundreds of thousands of young male Muslims in Europe, and many are very open about how they plan to take over Europe,blatantly assaulting and raping European women, blatantly propagating Sharia Law,and their intentions to kill Europeans. The Koran is very specific about the ‘rules’ that such people live and swear by,and it is anything but friendly and accommodating – in fact the exact polar opposite!Many Europeans, and I guess Americans are extremely angry that The Govt. of the day gives more to ‘refugees’, than local Citizens who are left with nothing.One can only sympathize. And it’s heading towards an untenable situation, withe rise of Nationalism becoming a feature of the landscape.

  8. I believe that everything has to do with integration to society. In the USA people has to integrate in the society to get a better job and help their children to succeed. The second generation is formed from very little to be an american first, be proud of being an american and respect their institutions and the law, specially the law. If not then Police get into action by being very aggressive. Immigrants parents do realize this law enforcement: The law is equal for everybody (I know it is not perfect but at least there is an effort that police body represent the population racial difference). So in short, the second/third generations of these Immigrants are engulfed into the American way. It has been successful so far to a degree. Another point is the USA has immigrants from all over the world since their beginnings; Chinese, Latinos, Arabs, Europeans. They had to work hard to make a living, to have a house. Nothing was free, nothing. It took them an effort to get anything. And once they got it, they got a sense of pride and belonging. This should remain this way by not expanding social subsidy but by increasing jobs to allow them to move through the economic ladder that is a good way to help people to be part of a country. Help them to know how to fish not to give them the fish. thx

    1. Well said and I am in total agreement with you… immigrants who must be and who find that they can be self reliant in their new country, tend to respect the society and have more respect for others in the collective and an appreciation for the infrastructure and type of freedom available. This could deter them from ever realizing Jihad, for those whose goal that is.

    2. Also we Americans are kinda lazy. So all a immigrant has to do is work a little hard and he can get ahead. We Americans aldo do bad in school. So all a child of an immigrant has to do is do a little better in school….

  9. Naveed Jamali states “it’s Europe’s inability to welcome and assimilate immigrants.”
    It is a cliché bandied by the folks on this side of the Atlantic, where we do not have to shoulder the burden of million refugees and incessant flow of immigrants showing up at our doors almost overnight.
    First of all “are not made feel welcome” is an emotional outburst and an interesting way of presenting the problem. It may sound heartless, but the fact is that one is disposed to welcome when the guests are invited; in this case, these “guests” just showed up making enormous demands on the resources of the country.
    To compare European “integration” process to USA is comparing oranges to apples, if not a facile unintelligent way of thinking of this pesky problem. It is easy to “integrate” – whatever that means – in USA, because USA is a very young country and still being formed by all kinds of populations; it is expected that people abide by the Constitution and the laws of the land. There are more laws on the books in the USA, including to collect the dog poop under the penalty of very heavy fines, than any other country in the world. It needs the laws because there is no cultural binding to maintain socio-cultural-economic-political order. Also, USA is a huge land mass, which still is looking to be populated. USA absorbs immigrants in small doses, and that is the success of the “integration.” USA hardly accommodates or “welcomes” refugees in droves.
    Europe, in fairness to it, has been more than welcoming to all immigrants and refugees who have showed up at its door and enjoyed its super-generous benefits. Europe is an ancient piece of land which for millennia has fought its own battles and forged its own culture and developed strong cultural values, which are beyond just learning the language of the country. Europeans after millennial cohabitation on the continent share deep cultural DNA, which makes a cohesive society. The immigrants and refugees in Europe make almost no efforts to integrate. They want to live by their cultural “rights” and still want to be accepted; cultural rights and assimilation is inherently contradictory. Islam still has to go through its modernization and secularization process; until Islam separates itself from the public square and from the governance of the country, and confines itself to the Mosque, Muslims will continue to “feel un-accepted.” Christianity has gone through this process of modernization and secularization since 1600s.

  10. Whats the big fuss? Proximity of Europe the main reason. Conversions is today’s world are few. Muslims immigrating to America are normally educated.

  11. The truth of the matter? I agree with a lot of the comments above. I’ll tell you a major reason we don’t have a Muslim problem in the USA, at least not yet. We have been a melting pot for a long time and we still have free speech to complain about GROUPS OF PEOPLE to law enforcement. You can say anything you want to about an ethnic group or religion. In Germany, the population is fearful of being charged with HATE SPEECH and going to jail. But, most important, WE HAVE THE 2nd AMENDMENT……The right to own a gun to protect yourself and your property. I don’t own one, but more than half of Americans DO. If ANY criminal, MUSLIM OR NOT, VERBALLY threatens to kill, injure, rape, OR PHYSICALLY assault you and you have a reasonable fear for your LIFE, as Americans you have the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE….the RIGHT TO SHOOT them. There are more guns than people in America. Whether you agree or not, it’s a fact.

    1. You CAN say ‘anything you want’ to law enforcement but w/o evidence of criminal or suspicious activity, they can’t do anything, and if you shoot someone for ‘verbally threatening you , you’ll be charged w/ murder. If they’re Muslim you’ll be charged w/ hate crime. Since 9/11, all domestic terror attacks have been by self-radicalized American born or naturalized citizens. No one from countries listed in Trump’s Muslim ban have. The first person shot in Orlando nightclub (who ‘invoked’ ISIS was in fact self-loathing gay man) was experienced ARMED off-duty cop doing security. All law enforcement says anyone who pulls a gun in those situations will GET shot, by shooter, cops, or an armed civilian who doesn’t know who the ‘bad guy’ is!..Or worse, kill civilians or cops accidentally. I thought I wanted a gun after being robbed, but D.A. explained the danger. Most civilians w/guns get SHOT with them. You’re best bet is hide,run, get to safety,+call 911(maybe a black belt..or pepper spray) Our best hope is good relationships w/Muslims who best know their friends and families and will report danger if they sense it, as many have, but not if they feel hated and ostracized as Nazeed points out.

  12. Why is the entire Muslim world is looking at the west whether it’s the European countries or the US, Australia and others with a resposibility to accept Muslim refugees and Muslim immigrants in general?! Why haven’t Pakistan (the auther’s home country) accepted any refugees?! How about the wealthy Arab gulf countries? They accepted zero refugees even though they share the same culture and religion. How many non Muslims have a Muslim country accepted as immigrants. Minorities like Christians are prosecuted in many of the Muslim countries. In Pakistan itself (the auther’s home country) Christians are targeted, their churches get burnt, …etc. Why wouldn’t the authers talk about that?

    1. Sam, Well said Sir. Yes. Why the muslim countries are not accepting these Muslim refugees? we accept them but they never accept the law of the land. We accept them and brand them as minorities and provide lot of Govt social schemes and their population spreads and one day they raise their guns against the country accepted them.

  13. I’ve spoken to the locals in the UK and they’ve made it quite clear, they feel they’ve got enough muslims in there and they don’t want anymore. They feel their culture is slowly suffocating under the strain of Muslim culture and sharia law (which is just evil) like a snake wrapping itself around an animal slowly in hope of killing it completely. That’s why the locals have a problem.

  14. I largely agree with the article’s observation. Muslims in the United States have well integrated and assimilated into its culture. Growing up, I’ve known many Muslim Americans and some are my closest friends. In my experience, they are no different than the average American. That said, I am entirely against the idea of mass Muslim immigration. The success of America’s integration of Muslims (and Europe’s failure) is a product of a) low Muslim population (proportionally) and b) largely educated upper socio-economic class of Muslim immigrants. These two factors work together. The article touches on this a bit but Europe’s biggest issue with Muslims is that there are too many of them to such extent that they have created enclaves. The low proportion of Muslims in America makes this impossible and compels them to interact with the rest of society. This is not unique to Muslims. A contrasting example is that of Hispanic Americans who have extremely high numbers of immigrants. In most metropolitan areas of the US Hispanics can get through most days without speaking a word of English. This leads into the next factor which is that Muslim immigrants to the US tend to be well educated and many are more affluent than the average American. In contrast, most Hispanic immigrants to the US are migrant workers doing jobs that many Americans prefer not to. Thus, in terms of integration/assimilation, massive Muslim immigration to the US is more akin to America’s experience with its Hispanic population, except with Islamic baggage like radicalization, anti-Semitism, violence, homophobia, disloyalty, attack on free speech, riots over cartoons, sharia courts, grievances and cultural demands etc. That’s basically what you have in Europe.

  15. Haha, doesn’t matter one bit. While Muslims, Christians, Europe, and USA can choke to death, China continues to acquire all the assets of the planet.

    Good. Let’s keep that silly left wing, right wing religious claptrap away from our borders as you argue and bicker and use opposition vetos amongst yourselves.

    Do you even know how stupid it is to allow religion to affect politics? China is Athiest, none of your nonsense in our borders please. Oh, you can keep your “democracy” and capitalism too.

  16. One thing: why are muslims the only ones difficult to integrate in Europe?
    We have christians, hindus,catholics, buddists – they have Integrated perfectly all by them selves. Never demand spesial treatment, never demanded special Food, like halal… we have jews, never heard any of them shout out for kosher… they fix what they need for them selves. Muslims? Demanding People. Agressiv. Why is this?
    Why USA handles the problem better? Because you can’t enter the US expecting others to lay everything out for you and even step away from their own culture in order to cater to Your wims and needs. Europe shouldn’t be so ‘helpful’ and rater demand that People take care of them selves and their families, without expecting the state/government to provide and sew coushins under Your arms.

  17. I can tell you that USA would have a muslim problem if muslims would make around 10% of population like in some european countries. Also USA tends to get the more educated muslims because it is more likely for them to get accepted over the border. Europe receives masses of uneducated and often illiterate migrants which are extremely difficult to employ. Hopefully there will soon be peace in middle east so the muslim countries could be rebuilt and migrant wave ended.

  18. having grown up as a hindu and gone to a muslim School I can safely say that muslims are too demanding and have to have everything their way,
    Why is it when others emigrate to the west in the hope of having a better life they try to adapt and make a life for themselves.
    I say if anyone is unhappy to live ina Country he fled to there is a reason for this.So Forget your Egos and feel grateful to be in a land that offers freedom to worship and afford your Family an improved way of life.

  19. These are a bad people .
    The U.S. will have more problems with them the more we let in.
    We are doomed to make the same mistakes that Europe made.
    There culture is only to take and distroy anything that is good.
    They give nothing, only problems.
    The liberals in this country are going to distroy us if we keep electing them.
    They will keep allowing these people to enter our country.
    It has already begun.

  20. Well i read the article and some of the comments. I have to disagree on some points.

    To clarify i live in Luxembourg and i am native. The problem here in Luxembourg is not the immigration, we have over 50% foreign people here, people that weren’t or their parents weren’t born here and didn’t claim citizenship. Also there are over 200k people crossing border to work here everyday, from germany, france and belgium. Thinking that only 700k people live here in the country that’s enormous.

    Now to get to the point, we speak 3 languages here, luxembourgish, german and french. The problem is with the immigrants and also refugees coming here, they are not willing to learn all 3 languages, the choose the one easiest to learn for them.
    Later on when they are here for a few years they will complain they are not accepted in the community.
    I live in my country and the spoken language here is luxembourgish, so when i go to grocecry i want to talk that language, when i go to work, i want to talk that language, and wherever i go here i want to talk my native language.
    I see no reason to always adapt to other people by speaking a foreign language just because they are too lazy to learn another language.
    I speak 5 languages, but does that mean i have to adapt to everyone ? NO.
    If i would move to germany i would speak german, if i move to france i speak french there. Same applies for any other country.
    The problem now with the refugees, they don’t even know to read our letters, so imagine how long it will take to learn first the letters and then 3 different languages. Then also adapt to our habits.

    Other issue. There were already cases when they served pork meat in school and refugees demanded other food. So they tried to ban Pork meat from schools.
    I mean seriously ? How can a minority of refugees, who doesn’t work, so also doesn’t pay taxes and just costing money to every working person here demand anything ?
    You don’t want to eat what is served? Well nice, bring your own food then, simple as that. Imagine every country had to adapt to any religion or cult or whatever is there.
    So i tell my kids now they belong to a religion where we eat only Kobe Wagyu beef? School might close soon when serving that daily.
    What immigrants don’t understand, they get food, shelter, clothes and some money every month, and they wont need to work for that.
    This is not paradise, if they thought so, they are wrong

  21. This level of masochism in the author and many of the comments is why the right wing is growing at an accelerated rate across Europe.

    I am not sure what it will take for people to realize the majority of people in Europe do not feel the way you do about Muslim Immigration.

    Try and remove the partisan blinders and read one of the most respected pollsters in London’s research on this topic.

  22. The problem with muslim is that they blindly follow their religion and religion becomes a hardcore part of their lives more than any modern thought.
    My thinking is that the concept of God is purely hypothetical and remember a hypothesis can not necessarily be a truth. The muslim with educated background are not trying to modernize their society and a few of them if tries is maligned by the muslim clerics as a result the independent opinion or voices of a few educated muslim who have out of religious opinion about Islam gets crushed and you see the people continuosly following and old idea without bringing any modernity in their livelihood.
    If you start analysing different religions, you will that there is a gradual modernity in them , whether it’s Christianity or Hinduism or Judaism or any other but when it comes to Islam it is struck with age old rugged ideas of God Allah and many more things and ironically all educated muslim which should be a wheel of change in Islam are unfortunately the wheel of old thought and old form of Islam . This is the reason you find muslim as one of the most closed society with little freedom of speech .
    Muslim needs to reinvent themselves beyond Islam and Allah then only I see a modern seed of new muslim coming in this world else this world as well as muslim will have to continue suffer more and more

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