Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Our Dysfunctional Cuban Embargo

Our Dysfunctional Cuban Embargo

U S. policy toward Cuba, centered as it is on the embargo, is both obsolete and counterproductive. Indeed, there is a near-total disjuncture between our stated objectives and the means chosen to achieve them. Not only do the means not serve the ends, they seem designed to work against them. With the Cold War over, Cuba is of little importance to the United States. Yet, under the Helms-Burton Act, the United States appears willing to jeopardize its vital relationships with Canada, Europe, and Mexico all in an effort to force their compliance with its Cuba policy. To place at risk that which is of major importance on behalf of that which is of little importance would certainly seem irrational, which goes far to explain why no other government supports it-not a single other government cooperates with the U.S. embargo.

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