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The Emerging Anglosphere

Over the past several years, a new term, Anglosphere, has crept into political and social discussion in the English-speaking world, and implies far more than merely the sum of all persons who employ English as a first or second language. Membership in the Anglosphere requires adherence to the fundamental customs and values that form the core of English-speaking cultures.  These include individualism, rule of law, honoring contracts and covenants, and the elevation of freedom to the first rank of political and cultural values. Nations comprising the Anglosphere share a common historical narrative in which the Magna Carta, the English and American Bills of Rights, and such common law principles as trial by jury, innocent until proven guilty, a man’s home is his castle, and a man’s word is his bond are taken for granted. Thus persons or communities who happen to communicate or do business in English are not necessarily part of the Anglosphere, unless their cultural values have also been shaped by those values of the historical English-speaking civilization.

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