Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts A Tale of Four Crises: The Politics of Great Depressions and Recessions

A Tale of Four Crises: The Politics of Great Depressions and Recessions

Author’s Note: Harvey Sicherman was a firm believer in the importance of historical precedents in helping us to understand contemporary events, and some of the most delightful moments of my professional life were the discussions we had in which he shared his immense and rich knowledge of the history of international politics and foreign policy. Harvey also believed in the importance of the economic foundation of international affairs, and he consequently invited me to present my study of a succession of great global economic crises to FPRI’s study group onAmerica and the West, and I did so in September 2010. As always on such occasions, Harvey himself greatly enriched the group discussion with his knowledge and wisdom. And as always, Harvey followed up with one of his characteristically thoughtful and personal letters, gracefully crafted to fit the particulars of the topic and the speaker. In doing so, he reminded me again of what a pleasure and an honor it was to present one’s scholarship to Harvey Sicherman, and he provided me with a memory that I still hold today of what a splendid scholar and gentleman he was.

This paper was originally delivered at FPRI’s Study Group on America and the West on September 13, 2010.

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