Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Rabat and the Fight Against Terror

Rabat and the Fight Against Terror

The establishment of counterterrorism policies effective throughout the Muslim world requires the strengthening of democratic movements that prevent the emergence of local and regional branches of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS, by its acronym in English) , and the promotion of moderation and tolerance in education. To this end, the Western partners should provide technical assistance and development aid to vulnerable governments through the Sahara and the Sahel.

Intelligence, logistical support, and training of special forces must be linked to economic and social investments to ensure that programs to fight against terrorism can be implemented successfully.

For its part, Morocco is working with its regional partners, Spain and others tocounter violent extremism to political, religious, economic and security levels.Relations between the police and intelligence services in Spain and Morocco have never been so strong. The great threat that requires both suffer these are efficient and based on trust. The main driver to achieve this is Hammouchi Abdellatif , head of the DGST and DGSN, and was decorated by Spain last year with the Police Merit Cross with Red Distinctive, the highest distinction that gives police the Spanish foreign personalities. As the radicalization has become a global concern, such collaboration can and must be exported to other countries, as the Moroccan approach is comprehensive and involves a lot of efforts in different sectors.

So Spain can draw on this model and request the help of Morocco to implement it.In this country lies one important Muslim community, including notably the Moroccan population (800,000), of which about 250 are fighting in Syria. This consideration makes the collaboration more than necessary with Morocco, as it has the necessary tools to ensure a moderate religious education that allows forseamless integration into European society. The world currently has more options than this.

These efforts include the fight against the forces of radicalization through the implementation of…

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