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Carter Page Only Wants to Talk about Facebook and Fake News


A week after Carter Page reportedly told the Senate Intelligence Committee he would not appear before it as part of the Trump-Russia probe, the committee has subpoenaed him for documents and testimony, according to NBC News.

The former Trump foreign policy adviser originally offered to testify as part of the panel’s hearing on social media and its role in Moscow’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. That hearing will take place on November 1 and will feature representatives from Alphabet, Facebook, Google and Twitter. All will testify about whether Russian entities purchased ads through them, and how Moscow was apparently able to target key demographics in battleground states.

Page, who spent most of his career working in finance and energy, doesn’t appear to have any experience in social media, technology or political advertising. But the former Trump adviser says he wants to speak about “the severe fake news that private and U.S. state-funded media organizations defamed me with in the months prior to the election…” he told Newsweek via text. (Page is suing Yahoo News and the Huffington Post for $75,000 in damages for their coverage of him).

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