Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Putin Is Waging a Proxy War Against the West in Ukraine

Putin Is Waging a Proxy War Against the West in Ukraine


One of the Russians attending the Munich Security Conference last week tweeted that based on the speeches he had heard, Ukraine was an afterthought in Europe.

Nothing would comfort Moscow more than to believe that for the West, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is merely a minor concern.

That would make the tasks of obstructing the implementation of the Minsk accords and steadily undermining Ukraine through military pressure, economic warfare, terrorism, and information warfare much easier.

But even if the tweet was wholly incorrect, this Russian gloss on the proceedings there, taken in the context of last week’s other news, proves two conclusions.

First, messages like these emanating from Moscow continue to illustrate that for the Russian government and some of the expert community, Russia’s aggression is fully justified, and Ukraine has no right to an independent existence.

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