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The World Is Still a Dangerous Place

The American Interest

There is a lot to like in what Ambassador Nikki Haley has done since arriving at the United Nations last year, especially her outspokenness on human rights issues.  At times, she has seemed to be implementing a different foreign policy than the president’s—in a good way.  From her very first appearance in the UN Security Council in February 2017 until last month’s, Haley has been tenacious in standing up to the Russians over their ongoing military intervention in Ukraine, and their illegal seizure of Crimea and its 2.3 million people, all while President Trump seemed confused or conflicted about how to address these Russian aggressions, and while her other boss, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, seemed just plain confused.  She has been so far out front on this theme, in fact, one wonders if President Trump—who reportedly told his G7 counterparts over dinner that Crimea belongs to Russia—even knows what his UN Ambassador is up to.

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