Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Survey: What Can We Expect From the Trump-Putin Summit?

Survey: What Can We Expect From the Trump-Putin Summit?

Russia Matters

On July 16 U.S. President Donald Trump is due to meet his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki for their first official bilateral summit. Russia Matters has asked eight experts to weigh in on the meeting’s prospects. All agreed that improving U.S.-Russian relations would be a slow process that would take patient work. Among recurring themes, several respondents pointed out the need to restore “basic and necessary contacts on multiple levels”—particularly military-to-military channels, high-level contacts and intelligence liaisons—and identified arms control as perhaps the most immediate area in which progress can be made. For their full answers to our three questions—on the possibility of a grand bargain, less ambitious goals for U.S. Russia policy and the shortest path to normalizing relations—read below.

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