Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts The moderate Sunni camp: Is there such a thing?

The moderate Sunni camp: Is there such a thing?

Jewish Institute of Strategic Studies

In recent years there has been much talk in Israel and the US about the “moderate/pragmatic Sunni camp” as a potential regional ally for dealing with Iran and even for pursuing a “creative” solution to the Palestinian issue. However, this “camp” is not really a unified player, but more an expression of Saudi and Emirati aspirations for hegemony. There is also a lack of identity of interests and agendas between these states and Egypt and Jordan, which have long been important strategic partners of Israel. Although Israel should pursue any opportunity to strengthen ties with Arab and Muslim states, it should not rely on an incoherent “bloc” headed by an unstable and problematic leadership, even if doing so would correspond with the interests of the US Administration.

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