Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts An Ode to Alan Luxenberg

An Ode to Alan Luxenberg

Alan Lux is a man about town

Not in a tux mind you, but with shirt out and head down

Lux is a thinker, actually an elegant one,

Offering insights when others have none

Lux rose to prominence not early, but late

When opportunity beckoned, he took the bait

FPRI valued his unique style

Lux won-over with guile and shy smile

Lux always supported scholars

Offering praise, never a holler

Lux had Mac and Granieri planting geopolitical seeds

Orbis became a must read, while Ron met conversational needs

Knowledge Lux knew, was for society-key

Seminars in Princeton, Mainline, Manhattan and Miami came to be

Research programs evolved—they covered the globe

Asia, Eurasia, Middle East, America/the West, National Security behold

Lux had a soft spot for civics and teachers

Pushing history institutes, research, interns and trips for seekers

He loved springtime brunches and fall dinners

He turned most, but not all, of his speaker hunches into winners

Now as he rises to President Emeritus

FPRI is still graced cause he remains one of us

Time for loved ones, but still reading digits and papers and taking calls,

To Lux all our good wishes—Shalom, Peace, Blessings all!