Energy, Environment and Security in Asia

Date : Thu., April 05, 2012 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Category : Asia Conference

The quest for energy security and the environmental impact of energy development and use have become vital concerns with major implications for foreign policy in Asia and the U.S.’s relations with the region. What does the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster mean for Japan and its international role? How does China’s quest for energy resources abroad affect target states and their relations with China and others? Is U.S.-China cooperation on clean energy possible and what does it portend for bilateral relations? How do issues of climate change, energy policy and regional security interact in South Asia and shape relations among India, Pakistan, China and the U.S.? What are the likely consequences of Asian states’ ranging further afield—even to an increasingly exploitable Arctic—in pursuit of energy resources? This full-day conference brings together leading scholars in the field to address these questions.

Topics and Speakers

Session 1

Jacqueline Deal

Senior Fellow, FPRI

President and CEO of the Long Term Strategy Group

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Session 2

Kent Calder

Director, Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University

M. Terry Cooke

Senior Fellow, FPRI

Principal director of GC3 Strategy, Inc

Eric Feldman

Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania

Gilbert Rozman

Senior Fellow, FPRI

Musgrave Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

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Session 3

Wojtek Wolfe

Senior Fellow, FPRI

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University

Felix K. Chang

Senior Fellow, FPRI

Co-founder of Avenir Bold

Kevin J. Tu

China Energy and Climate Policy, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Jacques deLisle

Director, Asia Program, FPRI

Cozen Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

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Session 4

Toufiq Siddiqi

Adjunct Senior Fellow, East-West Center and President, Global Environment and Energy in the 21st Cen

Sean S. Costigan

Lecturer, The New School University

Erica Dingman

Associate Fellow, World Policy Institute

Michael Kugelman

Program Associate for South and Southeast Asia, Wilson Center for International Scholars

Sarah Ladislaw

Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies

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