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Japan on Globe
Butcher History Institute
June 20, 2016

Experiencing Japanese History, Politics, Foreign Relations, Economics, and Culture

Japan has been the world’s second largest economy for most of the previous three decades. Since the end of World War II Japan has been protected militarily by the United States, and as a result focused its attention on the economy and other matters. However, the times are changing. China is now the world’s second largest economy, and it and North Korea have also assumed aggressive postures towards Japan. Many in Japan now wonder if U.S. protection is sufficient. Japan’s commitment to peace since 1945 is self-evident, but should its constitution be changed to reflect the realities of the present uncertain times? Politics and economics are heavily intertwined as we look at Japan in the late 21st century. Yet, as modern a country as Japan is, one must be carefully grounded in Japanese culture and tradition to comprehend the manner in which political and economic changes unfold. FPRI was pleased to offer teachers an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive educational program that included a two-week study tour and a series of online lectures in advance of the tour.

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