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The Role of the Military in America’s (Domestic) History

Date : Sat., April 10, 2010 to Sun., April 11, 2010 Category : Butcher History Institute

FPRI’s Wachman Center, in association with the Cantigny First Division Foundation, was proud to present a two-part series on What Students Need To Know about America’s Wars. The first part, in July 2008, covered the colonial wars through World War I; the second part, May 2–3, 2009, covered World War II through the present.

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Topics and Speakers

Exploring The West

Michael Tate

Charles and Mary Martin Chair of Western History -

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Exploring the West (audio)

Exploring the West (video)

Protecting Maritime Trade

James C. Bradford

Associate Professor of History -

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The United States Navy and the Defense and Promotion of Commerce (PDF)

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Defending U.S. Maritime Commerce in Peacetime from 1794 to Today

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Protecting Maritime Trade (audio)

Protecting Maritime Trade (video)

Building Infrastructure

Todd Shallat

Director of the Center for Idaho History and Politics -

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Monumental Design (PDF)

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in American History

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Building Infrastructure (audio)

Building Infrastructure (video)


Kathleen B. Williams

Professor of History -

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The Military’s Role in Stimulating Science and Technology: The Turning Point

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Technology (audio)

Technology (video)

Public Health

Sanders Marble

Historian -

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Why the Military Makes Public Health a Priority

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Public Health (audio)

Public Health (video)

Spurring Transportation

Alex Roland

Professor of History -

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Spurring Transportation (audio)

Spurring Transportation (video)

Promoting Civil Rights

Christopher S. Parker

Assistant Professor of Political Science -

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Fighting for Equality: Black Veterans and the Two Reconstructions (PDF)

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Promoting Civil Rights (audio)

Promoting Civil Rights (video)

Nation Building

Assistant Professor of Political Science -

Senior Fellow -

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America's Experience of Nation Building (PDF)

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Nation Building (video)

Nation Building (audio)



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