Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts Understanding the Middle East – And Teaching It

Understanding the Middle East – And Teaching It

Date : Sun., November 21, 1999 1:45 pm to 7:30 pm Category : Butcher History Institute

The Marvin Wachman Fund for International Education, a division of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, will present a one-day educational program on America and the Middle East designed to assist secondary school and college teachers in teaching this vital subject. The program will emphasize  the meaning of important recent developments — the newsmaking events that most often stimulate student curiosity and interest: for example, the diplomatic minuet of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the “stealth war” against Iraq; the demonstrations in Iran, the succession in Jordan — and where American interests and policy intersect with it all.

Topics and Speakers

Endgame? The U.S. and the Peace Process

11/21/1999 - 1:45 PM to 3:00 PM
Harvey Sicherman

President -

The Greater Middle East in 2025

11/21/1999 - 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM
Adam Garfinkle

Senior Fellow -

The Geopolitics of the Persian Gulf

11/21/1999 - 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Geoffrey Kemp

Director of Regional Strategic Programs, The Nixon Center

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Teaching about the Middle East

11/21/1999 - 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Harvey Sicherman

President -

Paul Dickler

- Wachman Center for Civic and International Literacy

Neshaminy High School

James Sanzare

- Wachman Center for Civic and International Literacy

Adam Garfinkle

Senior Fellow -

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Gratz College

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BONUS: All educators participating in this conference will receive a complimentary copy of the second edition of Adam Garfinkle’s book Politics and Society in Modern Israel: Myths and Realities (due out in December 1999), plus a curriculum packet and other supplementary materials about the Middle East prepared by the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  All participants will also receive a free subscription to Footnotes, the newsletter of the Marvin Wachman Fund.

STIPEND OPPORTUNITY: Participating educators are eligible for a stipend of $100 for the submission of a curriculum module based on the conference and a sample of student work responding to the module.  Details will be available at the conference.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This program is supported in part by contributions from Leonard Barrack, Newell DeValpine Foundation, Robert A. Fox,  Bruce H. Hooper, Meyer P. Potamkin, Samuel J. Savitz, Murray H. Shusterman, and Anita & Terry Steen. 

About FPRI’s Marvin Wachman Fund for International Education

In 1990, the Foreign Policy Research Institute established the Marvin Wachman Fund for International Education, a division of FPRI dedicated to improving international and civic literacy in the community and in the classroom.  The Fund is named for FPRI’s former president (1983-1989), Marvin Wachman, who inaugurated the Institute’s program of international education in 1985 with the Inter-University Seminar on Foreign Affairs and then, at the express suggestion of the School District of Philadelphia, launched Global Classroom in 1988 to provide enrichment for high school teachers.

The Wachman Fund specializes in “teaching the teachers” by (1) advancing teachers’ knowledge of world affairs; (2) helping them to bring this knowledge into the classroom; and (3) encouraging a dialogue among pre-college educators, university scholars, students, and parents. We are thus able to give teachers up-to-date information not covered by textbooks, in  a format designed for easy use in the classroom. We offer historical context to current events, and scholarship at the cutting edge.