András Tóth-Czifra


András Tóth-Czifra is a political analyst from Hungary, based in New York City and contributor for FPRI’s Bear Market Brief newsletter. Presently, he is a Senior Analyst at Flashpoint Intelligence, focusing on security and cybersecurity issues related to Europe and Russia and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). He holds a master’s degree in political science and economics from Corvinus University of Budapest. He has worked in the European Parliament in Brussels as a policy advisor for Hungarian members of the S&D group; as an analyst in the Berlin-based European Stability Initiative, one of Europe’s leading public policy think tanks; as well as a freelance political analyst working with consultancies. He specializes in Russian and Eastern European politics and regularly publishes analyses on Russian affairs, including for the Institute of Modern Russia, Riddle and his analytical blog, No Yardstick.