Dorin Tudoran

Dorin Tudoran is an international consultant. Between 1993–2008 he worked for IFES, first as country director for Romania and Moldova, then as senior director for communications and research and member of the executive management team. He also launched and was the editor-in-chief of Democracy at Large, a quarterly designed for professionals interested in democracy development worldwide. Prior to IFES, Tudoran founded and ran two democracy magazines, AGORA and Meridian, worked as an international broadcaster with Voice of America, was a guest lecturer at the University of Connecticut and a research fellow at The Catholic University of America.

A writer, journalist and political analyst, Tudoran has written for and been interviewed in a wide variety of international media outlets including: McNeil/Lehrer News Hour, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, International Herald Tribune, The Journal of Democracy, Le Monde, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and Orbis. A well-known political dissident of the 1980s, today Tudoran is a leader of the East-European civil society movement. He launched CENTRAS (Romania) and ADEPT (Moldova), two well-respected NGOs of the region, and serves on their boards of directors.

Tudoran holds a master of arts in Romanian and Comparative Literature from the University of Bucharest, Romania.

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