Efem N. Ubi

Efem N. Ubi, has a BSc. in Political Science, Masters in Public Administration (MPA), both from the University of Calabar;  MSc in International Relations and Strategic Studies (IRSS) from the University of Jos and obtained his Ph.D in Contemporary International Relations from the prestigious Jilin University, China. He was the former Head of the Division of International Economic Relations at the NIIA. A former Acting Director General (May and June 2020) of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs. At present, Dr. Ubi is the Acting Director of Research and Studies Department at the NIIA.

He is also a Senior Visiting Lecturer, Graduate School, Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State, a Visiting Scholar at the  Institute of African Studies, Zhejiang Normal University, China and also an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Center for Nigerian Studies (CNS), Zhejiang Normal University, China. Further, Dr. Ubi is the recipient of some awards, which include; United States International Visitors Leadership Program (2008); Appointed and Commissioned “Ambassador of Goodwill” of the State of Arkansas, United State of America (2008); he is also a recipient of 2015 Foreign Talent Introduction Program of the Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, Zhejiang Province, China. He has received grants from Humanitarian Dialogue (Hd), the Chinese government, the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria etc.

Ubi’s research interests spans, International Relations, Development Studies, International Economic Relations, African Political Economy, China-Africa, and Territorial and Boundary conflict/Management. He has published several book chapters, edited books as well as published Articles with reputable journals like Sage, Routledge (Tailor and Francis). His recent works include a Co-Edited book, titled: US-Africa Policy Under President Obama: 2020 (Edited) Lagos, 2020; Co-Edited book, titled: Nigeria in Global Governance, Peace and Security (2017), Lagos; Co-edited book titled, “Perspectives on Contemporary Nigerian Politics and International Relations: Essay in Honor of Professor Warisu Oyesina Alli. Lagos and Kaduna, 2020. And his most recent article and book chapter are “Is Liberal Democracy Failing In Africa or Is Africa Failing Under Liberal Democracy?”, Taiwan Journal of Democracy, Volume 15, No. 2: 137-164, 2019 (coauthored) and, an article titled, “China and Africa’s peace and security: Examining China’s role in Nigeria’s insecurity” and a Co-authored Book Chapter titled: “The Involvement of China in the Reconstruction of Nigeria’s Transport Infrastructures” (2018). Ubi was also a National Consultant for Humanitarian Dialogue (hd) and wrote the Nigeria National Report: “Nationhood Crisis and Violent Extremism as a Poverty Issue (2017)”, a Report for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Humanitarian Dialogue (hd). Ubi is married Mrs. Constance Ubi. They are blessed with a daughter.