Egle E. Murauskaite

Egle E. Murauskaite is a senior faculty specialist at the University of Maryland. Presently based in Lithuania, she works as a researcher and simulations designer for the ICONS Project. Egle is responsible for high-level political-military crisis simulations in Europe, alongside academic research and government consulting projects. She has recently co-authored a book exploring the American, Russian, and Chinese perspectives on Gray Zone Warfare, and presently leads a research project on the impact of Western assistance in Ukraine. She has been working with unconventional security threats for the past fourteen years—from gray zone warfare to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. 

Egle is also a senior non-resident fellow with the Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, and co-author of a monthly podcast “NYLA Update.” Egle lectures at Vilnius University and Kaunas University of Technology, and also regularly comments on security issues in national and international media. Egle holds a Master’s degree from Sciences Po Paris (International Security) and a Bachelor’s degree from SSE Riga (Economics and Business Management); her professional experience spans the Netherlands, Australia, Egypt, France, and the United States.