Headshot of Greg Yudin

Greg Yudin

Greg Yudin is a Professor of Political Philosophy and an MA Programme Head at The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences. He studies political theory of democracy with the special emphasis on public opinion polls as a technology of representation and governance in contemporary politics.

He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Higher School of Economics, Moscow with a dissertation on Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology of science. Currently he obtains a second PhD degree in Politics at The New School of Social Research in New York.

Greg Yudin’s book, Public Opinion: The Power of Numbers, was published in Russian by The European University Press in 2020. He was also the editor of a collective volume, Living in Debt on the effect of consumer credit on the life of communities in Russia (Saint Tikhon University Press, 2020). He teaches political philosophy and social theory at Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences and Higher School of Economics (Moscow). In 2022, Mr. Yudin is a Visiting Research Scholar at the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Princeton University.

He has considerable experience in providing expertise for decision-makers in business and politics in Russia. He also contributes to major Russian and international media, such as Open Democracy and Republic. Among his recent articles are: Putin is about to start the most senseless war in history (February 2022), Why is Putin’s Russia threatening Ukraine? (January 2022), In Russia, opinion polls are being used to cover up a divided society (July 2020), and Replacing Democracy with Numbers (July 2019).