Gregory Montanaro

Gregory Montanaro, formerly an FPRI Senior Fellow, is Vice President and Executive Director of the Office of the President, and Executive Director of Federal Affairs for Drexel University. As such, in addition to running all operations of the Office of the President and administering the President’s Cabinet and Executive Council, Mr. Montanaro is Drexel’s primarily liaison to United States congressmen and senators, Administration officials, and appointed staff in all federal agencies.  Prior to this position, he had been involved in research on terrorism and security for many years. Mr. Montanaro has been a regular guest lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania in political geography and terrorism, where he also earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy and science and urban studies as well as his master’s degree in organizational dynamics. Mr. Montanaro has extensive experience working with local government and law enforcement agencies, and created a GIS crime mapping, analysis, and deployment tool for the Philadelphia Police Department. Mr. Montanaro received training at the United States Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center and has led various federal and state funded research projects through FPRI. Mr. Montanaro serves on the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Advisory Committee and the Philadelphia Police Foundation Board, has been awarded membership in the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem by Queen Elizabeth II, and has recently been appointed by the Chancellor of Austria as Honorary Consul for Philadelphia.