Johan Norberg

Fellow - Eurasia Program

Johan Norberg is a Senior Fellow in FPRI’s Eurasia Program. He is one of the world’s leading experts on Russian military affairs. He is Senior Military Analyst at Sweden’s Defense Research Agency (FOI), where he has worked for 24 years, examining developments in the Russian Armed Forces. He has previously worked at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and in the Swedish Parliament as well as served in Peace Support Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia and the Middle East. His recent authored and co-authored publications include: “Russian Military Capability in a Ten-Year Perspective” (2019); “Security in Central Asia” (2019); “Security in the Caucasus: Russian Policy and Military Posture” (2018); “Russian Military Capability in a Ten-Year Perspective” (2016); “Training to Fight: Russia’s Major Military Exercises 2011-2014” (2015); “The Crimea Operation: Implications for Future Russian Military Intervention” (2014); “Russia and Ukraine: Military-Strategic Options and Possible Risks for Moscow (2014); “The Use of Russia’s Military in the Crimean Crisis” (2014). Norbert has also served as visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York.