Kristin Diwan

Kristin Diwan is an Assistant Professor of Comparative and Regional Studies at the American University School of International Service. She works in both comparative politics and international relations and specializes in Arab and Islamist politics. Diwan has written many publications on the politics and political economy of the Arab Gulf, among them “Sovereign Dilemmas: Sovereign Wealth Funds in Saudi Arabia,” Geopolitics, (April 2009); “The Gulf Comes Back to Earth” (with Fareed Mohamedi) Middle East Report (Fall 2009); “Bahrain’s Shia Question,” Foreign Affairs (March 2011); and “Kuwait’s Impatient Youth Movement,” Foreign Policy (July 2011). She is currently completing a book manuscript on the emergence of Islamic banking in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states entitled From Petrodollars to Islamic Dollars: Islamic Finance in the Arab Gulf. Diwan previously held the Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Georgetown University. She received her PhD in political science from Harvard University.