Marina Kats


Marina Kats was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. After immigrating to Philadelphia in 1979, she enrolled in business school and then law school while working two jobs. In 1995, Kats obtained an LLM in Trial Advocacy (Masters of Law) from Temple University School of Law, an advanced degree held by less than 1% of all attorneys. That year, she founded the law firm Kats Jamison & Associates, which has since become one of the most well-respected litigation firms in the region, with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Aside from her family and legal pursuits, Kats is a successful businesswoman, political activist and entrepreneur, operating companies focusing on commercial real estate projects and venture-capital financial services. As a leader in the Philadelphia community, she is involved in a number of charitable and civic organizations. She is an appointed member of Albert Einstein Hospital’s Board of Trustees and the Einstein Healthcare Network’s Board of Overseers, as well as an elected Trustee of the Foreign Policy Research Institute and President of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. She is a Trustee of Temple University and has been bestowed the title of Dame by the Ecumenical Hospitaller Order of the St. John Knights of Malta. In 2008, Kats made history as the first Ukrainian-born candidate to ever run for U.S. Congress.