Milan L. Hauner

Research Areas:

Modern history of India, Central Asia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Russia

Milan L. Hauner is formerly an FPRI Associate Scholar and is the author and co-editor of ten books and more than 100 scholarly articles on the modern history of India, Central Asia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Russia.

He grew up in Prague where he studied history at Charles University and completed his Ph.D. Leaving at the time of the Soviet invasion in 1968, he settled in England, studying for his second Ph.D. at St. John’s College in Cambridge. He then joined St. Antony’s College in Oxford for three years, lived in London from 1974, working in the Research Department of Amnesty International. Two years later he joined the German Historical Institute in London before leaving for the United States in 1980 to join his family.

Thereafter he has been affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison (professor and honorary fellow in the department of history), where his wife is professor of African languages and associate dean of humanities. He has taught and conducted research at various universities in England (Warwick, L.S.E., Open U.), Germany (Freiburg, Leipzig – as a Fullbright professor) and America (Philadelphia, Berkeley, Hoover Institution, Stanford, Georgetown, Columbia, U.S. Naval War College), plus a stint as the Thornton D. Hooper Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

In 1990-91 he was director of East European Studies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington. Recently he has edited several unpublished manuscripts of the former Czechoslovak president Edvard Beneš, and reconstructed President Beneš’s wartime Memoirs 1938-45 in three volumes, which appeared in 2007.