Murray S. Levin


Murray S. Levin, a Special Counsel at Pepper Hamilton LLP. He was previously a partner in their Health Sciences Department, where he was involved in a wide variety of matters since joining the firm in 1970. In recent years, Mr. Levin has done a large volume of work in the products liability area for many medical devices, biologic and pharmaceutical companies. In pursuing his interest in international law, Mr. Levin has been involved in the trial of a Pakistani-Bangladeshi dispute in federal court, a Portuguese labor matter which came before a Labor Tribunal in the Portuguese Azores, a trial in the French courts, licensing disputes between English and American companies, and the defense of Italian manufacturers in U.S. products cases. As a result of his service as a board member at a major Philadelphia hospital, Mr. Levin is familiar with the legal problems of the health care provider institution in such areas as government licensing and regulation, professional staff relations and internal hospital workings regarding medical audit and utilization review, research and hospital financing. Mr. Levin received a B.A. from Haverford College 1964; M.A. in International Relations from Harvard 1968; and J.D. from Harvard Law School 1968.

Mr. Levin is active on a number of boards, including a private school, a for-profit REIT and charitable, legal (American and international), and politico/governmental boards.