Samia Chabouni

Samia Chabouni holds a doctorate in political science and international relations (University of Algiers III-LAM-IEP-Bordeaux). She is currently a lecturer B, at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, at the University of Jijel (Algeria). She is also a researcher member at Thinking Africa.

Samia defended a doctoral thesis (July 2019) entitled: “The security dimension of Rwandan foreign policy after the genocide: regional issues and Rwandan leadership in the Great Lakes region”, at the University of Algiers III and followed a Co-direction at LAM (Science Po Bordeaux).

His research focuses on Africa, Rwanda, the Great Lakes region, conflicts and violence in Africa, diplomacy and foreign policy, memory, forgiveness, and recognition in international relations.

She made several scientific stays in Europe and Africa and she also conducted field surveys in Rwanda (IFRA-Nairobi), South Africa (University of Witwatersrand-School of social sciences-Center for Africa’s International Relations -CAIR) and Morocco (Jacques Berque Center).

His postdoctoral research focuses on Moroccan diplomatic activism in sub-Saharan Africa, South-South relations, Hirak, and Algeria’s African diplomacy.