Stephen Gale

Stephen Gale is a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania with appointments in the Departments of Regional Science and Political Science.

As part of his responsibilities at the University, Dr. Gale offers undergraduate and graduate seminars on the study of the causes of terrorism, its role in world and national and politics, and the development and use of counter-terrorism methods. His research on terrorism has dealt with the creation and use of software systems for integrated security analysis, the development and analysis of security scenarios, and the application of negotiation models.

As a consultant on issues related to security and terrorism, Dr. Gale has undertaken assignments for Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, the US department of Energy, and a number of defense related agencies. In addition, he has also worked on security projects for such private sector organizations as Exxon Corporation International, Johnson & Johnson, and the American Society for Industrial Security. Dr. Gale has recently presented testimony to the Senate Committee on Appropriations on the future of terrorism in the US and its potential impacts.

Dr. Gale received his BS, MA, and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan. In addition to his current position, Dr. Gale has also served on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, Northwestern University , and Columbia University.

Stephen Gale
Prof. of Political Science
University of Pennsylvania
227 Stiteler Hall

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6215