Viljar Veebel

Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences, Estonian National Defence College

Viljar Veebel is a researcher and consultant who has been researching in the University of Tartu, The Estonian School of Diplomacy and The Tallinn Technological University. He defended his Ph.D. in 2012 in University of Tartu, focusing on the European Union pre-accession policy and European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). Since 2013 he is working in Estonian National Defense Academy as Associate Professor of Social Sciences. Viljar Veebel is also actively participating as a consultant in European Union related projects in Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and Balkan area in a development cooperation projects in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian School of Diplomacy and Swedish International Development Agency. He is also participating in active media debate on European Union enlargement and relations of Baltic States with Russia and European Union.