Analyze Korea DBQ

Students will analyze a variety of documents to demonstrate their understanding of Korea.

– Select ten of the documents provided or find others using online resources.
– Teachers may choose to allow students a day to analyze the documents and a day to write an essay depending on the skills developed at the time of lesson.
– Teachers should set expectations for the essay depending on course goals such as how many documents may be required and how these should be cited.
– Teachers may want to allow students to select one of the following topics or only provide one.
– Compare and contrast North and South Korea.
– Analyze to what extent North and South Korea represent the evolution of communism and capitalism.
– What do the differences between North and South Korea demonstrate about the nature of development?

– The level of difficulty can be increased by requiring that the document analysis and essay be completed in the same class period or by requiring at least 6 documents be used as evidence in the essay.
– The level of difficulty can be decreased by allowing students a day before the essay to analyze the documents or by providing guidance to analyze them.
– The difficulty can also be decreased by requiring fewer documents or a shorter essay.

  • Nicole Vickerman
  • Clark High School
Related History Institute
Grade Level
  • High School: 9, 10, 11, 12
Time Frame
  • One or two class periods

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