Foreign Policy Research Institute A Nation Must Think Before it Acts World War I – the British Empire and Colonial Nationalism

World War I – the British Empire and Colonial Nationalism

7.2.1 World War I – Analyze the causes, characteristics, and long-term consequences of World War I by
• analyzing the causes of the war including nationalism, industrialization, disputes over
territory, systems of alliances, imperialism, and militarism
• analyzing the distinctive characteristics and impacts of the war on the soldiers and
people at home (See 7.1.5)

1. Introduction – Students will respond to the following questions?
What is Nationalism? It is a good or bad thing? What are things that can affect the development of nationalism?

2. Lecture / Power point (there are imbedded videos, which can be skipped to save time)
Students will take notes on the following power point and prepare for discussion based on lecture

3. Review
Students will complete a Fill in the Blank Worksheet based on power point

4. Follow Up Class Discussion
In your opinion, what nation had the most effect of its nationalism due it its participation in World War I? Why?

5. Evaluation
Based on the students respond on the fill in the blank worksheet and class discussion

A multiple choice worksheet has been provided as modification for students with lower reading levels.

Take a Stand or Four Corners Activity

A. Place a post- it note in each corner of the room. One corner note will read Australia, one will read Ireland, one will read Canada and one will read USA
B. Which Country’s nationalism what affected by World War I the most?
C. Students will then gather in one corner and each group will write an opinion statement that supports their opinion and state it to the entire class.
D. Students will have the option to change corners
E. If Time, teacher can lead a discussion on expressing opinion and what elements can change one’s opinion

Movies that provide more insight
A. Galipoli
B. The Lost Battalion

  • James Feldman
  • Lake Shore High School
Related History Institute
Grade Level
  • High School: 9, 10, 11, 12
Time Frame
  • 1-2 days

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