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About Teaching Innovation

Teaching a New Generation of American Innovators

The teaching of U.S. and world history is incomplete if it does not address the history of innovation from economic, scientific/technological, and sociological perspectives. We feel it important for students to be encouraged both to explore the role of innovation in U.S. and world history and to develop their own sense of innovation and creativity.

FPRI’s Program on Teaching Innovation is co-directed by Lawrence Husick, co-founder and principal system architect of Infonautics Corporation (now HighBeam Research, Inc.); Alan Luxenberg, and Paul Dickler. Rocco L. Martino, Ph.D., founder of XRT and CyberFone, is the Program’s Senior Fellow.

Innovation Essay Contest

FPRI’s Wachman Center sponsored an essay contest for high school students for an essay of between 900 and 1000 words on: The top 5 innovations developed in the U.S. since 1945, ranked from #1 to #5. Read more about the essay contest