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Afghanistan: 18 Years Later

About the Event

The attacks of 9/11 caused the first invocation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Article 5 collective defense clause. Soon thereafter, the United States and NATO allies were on the ground in Afghanistan. After 18 years fighting the various strains of the Taliban insurgency, we are still there. FPRI is honored to host retired British Army Lieutenant General Jonathan Riley, former deputy commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, to discuss the war there, the prospects for peace, and the state of the Special Relationship between the British and United States militaries. After a long career in the military, General Riley has authored or edited over 20 books and currently serves as a Visiting Professor in War Studies at King's College London, among other affiliations.



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Lt Gen Jonathon Riley

Lt Gen Jonathon Riley - Former Deputy Director of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan