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BookTalk: Russia vs the West and the New Politics of Hybrid War

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In his new book The Lands in Between: Russia vs the West and the New Politics of Hybrid War (Oxford University Press, 2019), Mitchell Orenstein explores the nature of Russia’s hybrid war on the West, and how the West has responded, even if only belatedly.  But being a student of the politics of such countries as Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Orenstein depicts the politics of polarization as experienced in these countries, with a view to illuminating how that same kind of politics is now bewitching the West as a whole.

A leading scholar of the political economy and international affairs of Central and Eastern Europe, Orenstein received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University.  He has had fellowships from the MacArthur Foundation. American Council of Learned Societies, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.  He has consulted for the World Bank, USAID, and other organizations.  

His earlier books include From Triumph to Crisis: Neoliberal Economic Reform in Postcommunist Countries (with Hilary Appel; Cambridge University Press, 2018) and Out of the Red: Building Capitalism and Democracy in Postcommunist Europe (University of Michigan Press, 2001).




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Mitchell Orenstein

Mitchell Orenstein - Mitchell Orenstein is a Senior Fellow at FPRI’s Eurasia Program and Professor and Chair of Russian and Eastern European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.